Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential:

I provide a few hours of customized Support for Every Project Phase and Weekly Needs.
Focus on Your Core Tasks while I Boost Your Team’s Productivity.




  • Design/Architecture
  • Coding
  • Debugging
  • QA plans and execution
  • Reviewing design, code, QA plan
  • Technical writing




  • Checking logs
  • Project management (scope, budget, schedule, change, expectations)
  • Sorting customer comments (email, Twitter)
  • Infrastructure upkeep
  • Data quality, replication, sanitization.




  • Vendor/developer onboarding
  • Library/module upgrades
  • Difficult/unreproducible bugs
  • Infrastructure issues
  • Data pulls for business, vendors, campaigns
  • Legacy system support
  • Scope increases

I have over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of environments, industries, and technologies, and I have held every role on a development team from coder to project manager. 


  • Academic – Carnegie Mellon University
  • Large company – Procter & Gamble
  • Medium company – AutoZone
  • Small – Xcelnet (1990s data sync co)
  • Startup – Air2Web
  • Onsite & Remote


  • Hardware – Data General
  • Financial – Servantis Systems (acquired by CheckFree)
  • Video Transcoding – Veehive
  • Consumer – P&G
  • Human Interface – NCR HITC


  • .NET, J2EE, Spring, JavaFX
  • Database (various SQL, Dynamo DB, other)
  • Languages – deployed production code in over 10 languages.
  • PKCS12
  • AWS (various services)

My biggest asset has been coming up to speed quickly.  Whether it’s a new technology, new industry, new project, or new people – I learn fast.

Project Work

I am also available for project work of 2-6 weeks.  

It works best if I’m already familiar with your business, systems, and team and can quickly take on more hours for a short period.

I can ramp up quickly in unfamiliar environments, so ask if you have a need.


  • Scope added late in the project.
  • Extra help if a developer moves on.
  • Client/vendor integrations.
  • Web sites.
  • Research, one-off builds, POCs.
  • QA/deployment management.
  • Anything else? Contact me and I can probably do it.